Our animals - up close

Pony, donkey & Co. are looking forward to being stroked

If you like animals as much as we do, then Poenenhof is the right place for you! A whole petting zoo has its home here: a pony, two donkey ladies, a curious gaggle of goats and a whole stable full of fluffy rabbits are just waiting to cuddle with you. All our animals love to have visitors and are used to being very close to them. So you don’t have to be afraid. We will gladly show you how to feed the animals properly and tell you what they like best. They definitely can’t wait to meet you.



Our pony Paco enjoys being petted and fed by children. He has been with us for a really long time and loves the summers on the farm. But even bad weather doesn’t bother him: Paco has the calm away and takes it as it comes.



We now have a whole flock of cheeky goats: Five goat girls and nine little bucks ensure that there is always plenty going on in the animal enclosure. They love to climb and gambol around and are always getting into mischief. Better than any TV show!



The two donkey ladies Loreen and Rosi like to stand at the fence of the animal enclosure and keep an eye out for little visitors. They are happiest when you hold out a piece of apple or carrot for them to nibble on – and they especially love to be scratched between the ears.



Twelve fluffy little rabbits are just waiting for you to cuddle with them! Their fur is very soft and their little noses always find something to sniff. When no one is around to pet them, they hop around their enclosure or find a nice warm corner for a quick nap.

Discover places of experience

As parents of three children, we know: Where the kids are happy, the adults also find peace. That’s why there is a lot to discover at the Poenenhof. Countless indoor and outdoor adventure opportunities ensure that no boredom arises for the offspring.